Welcome to TS3MusicBot.net!

Because a lot of new customers don't understand what they can get here or misunderstand our service, we will introduce you what you can do here.
You have two options:

Do it for me

If you don't have your own linux server (virtual private/dedicated server) and you don't want to run it on your home computer, you can choose musicbot4you.net or one of our other hosting partners. There you can get a TS3MusicBot running as a service, which means they run it for you.

Complete hosted solution:

Do it for me, get a TS3MusicBot from MusicBot4You.net

or choose an other TS3MusicBot hosting partner from our

Hoster list.

I do it myself

On TS3MusicBot.net (this site) you can purchase a license and get the software to run it yourself on a home computer or a server (windows or linux server, virtual private (also called vserver or vps) or dedicated server).



I do it myself, proceed on TS3MusicBot.net

The products on both solutions will be always the same. The only difference is the place where the software gets started.
For commercial use proceed at ts3musicbot.net.